Meet the Munchkins team

Brought together by passion, our coaches undergo training and a carefully constructed mentorship programme so that you can experience peace in the home. Our courses are based on the research of contributing researcher, Dr J.H. Mostert, Professor of Community Psychology, Evangel University.

Andalene Salvesen

Founder of Munchkins, international speaker, author and parenting coach

Celeste Rushby

Parenting Coach & Occupational Therapist, Cape Town

Dr Lené Janse van Rensburg

Parenting Coach, Dubai

Charmaine Brooks

Parenting Coach, Cape Town

Timann Esterhuizen

Parenting Coach,
Port Elizabeth

Annelie Fouché

South Africa Client Relations and Bookings

Lyndall Jucker

Dubai Client Relations and Bookings

Esme Brink

Munchkins Account Manager: Digital Marketing