Healthy Lunchbox Cooking Sessions with Super Granny

We all want to ensure we are serving up healthy and nutritious food to our kids, especially when it comes to snacks and lunchbox meals. But life is BUSY and ready-made healthy options are not always that readily available, or we simply run out of ideas, and this may make the daily routine of packing lunch seem like a very daunting and sometimes unobtainable task! There is also a common misconception that healthy always means more expensive.

Did you know that you can book a private 3-hour Healthy Lunchbox Session with Andalene Salvesen (Cape Town) or Dr Lené Janse van Rensburg and in the comfort of your own kitchen? These sessions are not only educational and interactive, but they are also a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! And the best part is that you get to enjoy the end-results at the culmination of making healthy snacks like granola, gluten-free muffins and cupcakes, healthy seed crackers, and much, much more! 

All the recipes used during this session are not only delicious, but also:
• Highly nutritious;
• Low in carbohydrates; as well as
• Grain and wheat free

The result is happy parents and happy, healthy children all round! You too will feel like Super Mom, once this extremely fun and interactive session enables you to start preparing yummy, yet varied lunches and meals for your kids (and their friends)!

So, why not grab a couple of your mommy friends, split the cost of the session and the ingredients (which will be planned in conjunction with Andalene beforehand) and have a fun-filled morning or afternoon exploring all the healthy (and delicious) wheat and sugar-free alternatives for your entire family’s lunchboxes?

For more information and availability, contact any one of the following representatives for your respective area:

Annelie Fouche (Accounts and Administrator, South Africa) | +27 81 772 8339

Lyndall Jucker (Client Relations and Bookings, Dubai) | +971 50 559 0664

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