Super Granny has revolutionised our household!

Thank you, thank you Andalene! (Super Granny)! You have revolutionised our household. My three boys (ages 2, 5 and 8 years old) have been happily in bed and asleep by 7.45 since our Super Granny visit 8 days ago. Not only are our children sleeping better, but she has changed the way we eat! Since removing grains and dairy from the children’s diet my 5-year old, who has always had terrible hay fever and a constantly streaming or blocked nose hasn’t had to blow his nose for days and doesn’t sound nasal for the first time in his life. The boys have been playing together more contentedly (no more temper tantrums and fights) and have gone from watching TV whenever they feel like it to preferring to play with each other! I am amazed, as never thought my children could play so peacefully together! And there is more: My 2-year old has gone from having his dummy constantly in his mouth to leaving it on his pillow by himself when he wakes in the morning and only having it again for sleeping time! He also no longer shrieks at the top of his lungs whenever he needs something or doesn’t get something that he wants thanks to Super Granny’s ‘time out’ technique! I feel empowered! You are my Super Hero Andalene! Thank you again! India Riley, Eastern Cape

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