It was a great pleasure to have Andalene in our home

It was a great pleasure to have Andalene in our home. I was touched by her knowledge and desire to help us as a couple and a family. With a very caring and sensitive approach she managed to helped us find a new happier place as a couple and therefore a family.

We were nervous to feel judged by inviting Andalene. However, we did not at any point feel that way.

Andalene took away that fear and that heartbreak that you experience when your children are rolling on the floor crying not knowing what to do. She brought words and tools to manage our own feelings and therefore our children.

When Andalene left our home it was full of love and joy and good listening.

The three year old was eating spinach like it was a special treat and tidying up his toys like it was his favourite thing to do.


Anastasia Shelkovenko

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