Andalene Salvesen

Andalene Salvesen

Founder of Munchkins, international speaker, author and parenting coach

Mother of four and proud grandmother of 10, Andalene Salvesen has fondly become known as Super Granny under the auspices of the Munchkins brand. Her extensive expertise, stemming from being a stay-at-home mom, with an unparalleled passion for children, and later owning and heading up a mother & child workshop for 12 years, and a nursery school in Cape Town for 8 years, inspired her to combine her practical knowledge and valuable experience to help desperate parents.

In conjunction with Prof JH Mostert, a Professor in Psychology and many qualified mentors, she proceeded to develop a parenting course, which she has now been presenting for the past 20 years. This course addresses a host of everyday parenting challenges.

Never expecting it to take to flight so successfully, her popular parenting talks, naturally proceeded to evolve into a personal service that includes private home visits to families with one-on-one attention given to their particular needs. For the past 11 years, she has helped families by coaching them through issues such as, but not limited to: tantrums; sleeping; eating and discipline problems; as well as healthy boundaries; understanding unique temperaments, and many more related parenting challenges.

Having a twin sister as well as a daughter who birthed three premmies (a singleton born at 32 weeks and twins born at 30 weeks), also gives her special insight and empathy into the unique challenges faced by parents with twins and premmies.

Andalene visits the United Arab Emirates often and is known as Super Granny whenever her feet touches ground. 

Andalene’s other credentials include: