Atom bomb exploded in our house

Dear Super Granny, 18 August 2011 A month ago you paid us a home visit in Port Elizabeth. On that evening it felt like an atom bomb exploded in our house, and in my heart!!! About 10 minutes into your visit, it was like a light that went on in my heart and mind: I’ve realized that my husband and I have allowed our kids to control us. We have not been strict enough (although we thought we were!). We did not have enough boundaries in place and could not understand why the kids were running over us with their gumboots. Thank you so much for opening our eyes and establishing it so clearly that we DO have the permission to parent our children. In short, my husband and I enjoy our kids more now, because they are more controlled. The rules in the house are clearly set out and all know what is expected. We have more boundaries in place and found that it makes us all more relaxed and happy!! Thanks again, Andalene. You were an answer to my prayers. We are far from perfect, but you have put us on the right track. I recommend a home-visit to all parents that feel that They’re just not in control of their kids. Blessings

– Peter and Melanie, Port Elizabeth

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