When it comes to mothering styles, I’m more like Bridget Jones than Gisele Bundchen. I don’t work on a balanced meal plan for the week, and I don’t make achingly beautiful organic moss and bark collages with my kiddo. Rather, I’m the mom who makes it to 5pm (with the morning’s oatmeal still in my hair) and realizes that the piece of fish I set aside for my 18-month-old son’s dinner has mysteriously disappeared from the fridge, so I have to cobble something nutritious together in half an hour while said kiddo takes apart the Tupperware cupboard for the fourth time since he woke from his nap.

Believe it or not, this Swiss roll is so nutritious, Andalene says you can even serve it for breakfast (the kids will of course think that is a GREAT idea)!

I never really ‘’got’’ all the ‘’new-year, new you’’ banter. Don’t get me wrong. Having goals (or resolutions, as we call them around new-year) are fine, even necessary. But there is a distinct difference between goals and habits.

I recently read a very enlightening article by a guy called Mark Manson, aptly titled: Your Goals are Overrated.

Munchkins Online Parenting Courses

Are you a busy parent? You can now become an empowered parent in the privacy of your own home (and in your own time) with the help of international parenting coach Andalene Salvesen (aka Super Granny), author of a Brand New Child in 5 Easy Steps and co-author of Raising Happy Healthy Children.

Every parent wants a perfectly healthy child with appropriate behaviour and who shows good grades at school. It is also every parent’s privilege to ensure optimum physiological, psychological and cognitive growth and development for their children.

‘You don’t have to like it, you only have to eat it!’

In my previous book ‘Raising Happy, Healthy Children’ I covered diet extensively with the help of a clinical nutritionist, Sally Ann Creed, with whom the book was co-written. However, I think it is important to reiterate that what we eat affects the way we behave.
The two go hand in hand. You cannot discipline a child who is being fed incorrectly, and conversely, you cannot enforce healthy eating if you have no discipline in place.

Nutrition Knock-Ons

In my 8 years experience of doing home visits (which has earned me the title of ‘Super Granny’) I have seem many families with problems like sleeping, eating and tantrums.

I have a two-fold approach: Discipline and diet!

My child was hit at play school today. They should expel that child!’

‘Julie has uncontrollable tantrums! We often don’t even know what kicks her off. Sometimes they can last for 1 hour.’

‘We have never been able to feed Ben any vegetables. All he wants to eat is yoghurt. He makes himself sick if we force him to try.’