Temperament - Foster their uniqueness

Foster your Munchkin’s uniqueness

Nurturing a child according to his temperament is immensely important. It aids in shaping their unique potential while preventing unnecessary damage and conflict. Yet, no two kids are exactly the same and neither are any two sets of parents.

Parenting Talks Andalene and Celeste

Parenting Talks: Empowering Parents, Changing Family Dynamics

If you’ve ever attended a parenting talk by Super Granny Andalene Salvesen (Cape Town, northern suburbs, Dubai and USA),  Dr Lené Janse van Rensburg (Dubai), Celeste Rushby (Cape Town, southern suburbs), Charmaine Brooks (Boland) or Timann Esterhuizen (Gauteng and Port Elizabeth), you will know it is a life-changing and empowering experience. They are resourceful, yet practical, sympathetic yet down to the point, never beating around the bush when it comes to parenting.