Happy Parenting

After attending several seminars of Super Granny and listening to the CD’s I bought from her, I was very excited to finally invite her to our house. We thought our kids did not really have problems, but I wanted her to have a look at them playing together and getting some tips for the youngest waking up at night 6 times. Its been 3 days since Super Granny visited us and we are pleasantly surprised: Our boy sleeps better, he wakes up 3 times at night but brings himself back to sleep again. Our girl is a good listener now and leaves her toy in the bed at all times. I hope that all parents will invest in inviting Super Granny over. You don’t need to have problems at home before asking her to help out. We are proof that she can spot bad behaviour and turn “good” kids into even better kids. If we spend time and money on cooking classes and tennis classes, why not also invest in parenting classes? Its all making life so much easier!

Happy parenting!

– Rachel

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