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Home Visit: Coach Timann Esterhuizen (Port Elizabeth)

Dearest Timann,

Where to begin:

I can’t believe I have taken so long to contact you and request a home visit.

Our little Addison has benefited tremendously along with us since you stepped into our home and gave us the tools to better understand and discipline her. 

What we thought was a terrible two’s stage, was a little girl wanting to have boundaries and parents who pay more attention to her right and wrong doing.

It was truly so effortless and comfortable having you in our home and sharing these moments with us, helping us with every step. The good and bad… and the ugly.

Since last week Thursday our whole family is happier, my husband and I more in control and feel like our parenting is improving every day. 

Addison also grasped the initiative very quickly and seems to understand when she is in the wrong and why she goes to time out. 

We don’t use the word naughty anymore. Thank you for that too. It is a harsh word when I think about it.

All the “problem routines” have become routines… much less problems. Getting dressed, supper time, bath time, bed-time and just overall manners. She falls asleep in her own bed now… this was not the case for a few months. This alone has made us so happy and it is no longer a struggle and thing we dread.

Every single day we learn more, but I really can’t put into words how you have helped us in one evening. We can discipline our daughter without hidings or shouting!

I would recommend you to every parent I know and talk to.

Thank you x 1000!


The Botha Family (Rivke and Gerald)

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