What does an hourly consult entail?

The hourly consultations are usually used as a follow-up when a home visit has already been done within 6 months prior to meeting. The children don’t necessarily have to be present for this. But the hourly consultations may also be used for sleep training or sleep coaching, during which the baby does need to be present.

Common parenting challenges we can help you with:

  • A follow up to all the topics covered in the home visit
  • Sleep training babies under 9 months will require 2 hours
  • A gentle no-tears method of sleep coaching to help newborns sleep beautifully from the beginning (best implemented at 6 to 10 weeks, but definitely by 12 weeks) is also 2 hours


South Africa
R680 per hour
Dubai or Al Ain
AED 500 per hour
US$100 per hour
(and its equivalent internationally)
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*Travel fees for home visits/hourly consults may apply, depending on where you are based.
*Cancelation of consultations must be within 48 hours or a late cancelation fee of 25% may be charged.
*Please contact us if you require special payment terms or if you have any resulting queries.