I could write a book!

THANK YOU! Your visit to our home a month ago has left a lasting impression. Brandon has made a drastic change. Finally I have a solid 3-4 weeks of no bad reports. In fact his teacher personally told me how proud she was of him. At home we are having the same experience with a great turn around. He has taken to the new “time out” wonderfully. He goes without complaint and remains on the toilet until time is up. We have made changes to his diet (all of ours actually) like you suggested and now it’s been easier to do consistently. No wheat, dairy and very limited sugar (We love using Honey as our sugar substitute!). Joshua is eating his food, overall, much better and loves asparagus! Time-outs can be a bit trying but are few and far between… he is pretty easy still.

Your hand signal to not interrupt has worked magic! They get it right away and it has worked since you used it. It has created a level of respect too. Also getting them ready for the day when they wake up instead of before we leave the house has also made my mornings much smoother and hectic free. Who knew such a simple change could make such a big impact?

Andalene, thank you for your visit which was genuinely from your heart. I will always be grateful and it will never be taken for granted. We have revamped our refrigerator and pantry with better options which has also led to me losing 7 pounds from the change!

Sincerely your fan!

– Leandra

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