I followed the advice like a drill sergeant

I am a young mom and had this idea of being a super-natural chilled-out earth mother – wow was I surprised – I didn’t get a super-natural chilled out package! My difficult little baby grew into a strong-willed little girl – and at two wasn’t communicating properly – which made her a frustrated handful and me a wreck – and then we added a new baby to the mix, turning our worlds upside down. For six months it felt like I had my head deep under the water … pretty much drowning most days. (Sleep deprivation – terrible two’s – and a new baby is not for the faint hearted.) At two-and-a-half she had her first set of grommets – I thought she would miraculously turn into a good girl now that she could hear us … well, well, well … It got to a point where I wouldn’t go out in public with my two- year-old … I was actually scared of her, she was so uncontrollable!!! I heard of super-granny coming to town for a talk and desperately wanted to go – but one parent didn’t like the idea of needing help … So I bought ‘Raising Happy Healthy Children’ – I took a week off to go stay with my mom (handed the kicking, screaming two-year- old over to her so I could figure things out). I studied the book like a bible, even taking notes and going back over it … we would be in the middle of a terrible tantrum and I’d run to get my notes so I could make sure I was doing time-out right – what a dork – but it worked!!! When I first read the advice I thought it was impossible … but as I got more desperate I slowly started making all the necessary changes. (The hardest part was me having to change and become more disciplined!!!) From sleep training to taking dummies away, I followed the advice like a drill sergeant. I had my mom and hubby both shouting, ‘Just give her the damn dummy back’ … and I’d replied – this lady said it only takes three nights!!! It took two! It’s up to us to make the changes – it’s up to us to stand up and be the grown up’s – stay consistent – Andalene gave me a backbone when it came to parenting!!!! I am now shoulder height out of the water and enjoying my two little girls – thanks – but I must be off as my little baby has now hit her Terrible Two’s and I need to go dig out my notes again – and re- read your book … wish me luck!

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