I really enjoy being with my kids now

Dear Andalene,

I would like to express the gratitude I feel for the peace that now pervades our household. It’s only been a week since Andalene’s visit but I cannot aptly express the degree to which it has changed me, my husband, our kids and their attitude towards us and each other, as well as the dynamic that exists between all of us.

I had reached a point where I honestly felt it was better someone else raise my kids (not that I ever would have done that) but the exasperation at knowing they only played up with us and not others (grandparents, aunties, friends) left me knowing we weren’t getting it right and didn’t know what to do to make it right. I literally dreaded coming home knowing the chaos that usually ensued and couldn’t wait to crawl into bed for it was only time I felt really peaceful.

A week later, I now remember and am experiencing what it’s like to REALLY enjoy being with my kids. The daily routines are now so tranquil that I don’t dread them and I now have the space to have fun with them – not all our time is taken up with asking 10 times or nagging and getting frustrated and angry. I realize that a lot of what my boys were playing out was a reaction to our stress levels as parents for not knowing how correctly to place the boundaries – it becomes a vicious cycle.

I also notice that a feeling of general tiredness and lack of “oomph” has alleviated and I didn’t even realize a lot of it was directly related to the stress I felt in the home environment. I know it’s early days and know we need to keep up what we’ve learned but for now, the greatest expression of thanks.

With love,
Claire (& Franko, Luc & Rourke)

Annelie Fouche

Wife to one loving fishing fanatic, mom to three beautiful, bubbly, bustling boys. My act includes freelancing as a copywriter and administrator, remembering where I left my phone and learning to cope with a family of 6 (this includes a delinquent Jack Russel) in a cozy home that was built for 3...

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