I’m sure the words “you’re not listening” have hypnotic power!

Hi Andalene, I have stuck with the time outs, the incentive chart and it’s like MAGIC! We had our first time out at 645am. Everything inside me was saying no! I didn’t want to start the day like that but i’m so glad i stuck to my guns. The boys ate lunch beautifully at the table, nap time happened without a fight. Dummies were willingly left in their beds (aside from a brief time out), all 3 the kids played nicely alone while I had time alone with each one of them, bedrooms and playroom were tidied, 2 of the 3 tried red capsicums and gobbled the lot down!!! I could go on, but basically it was a fab afternoon. My mother came over and commented on the change. Ayahs made it to her first treat on her incentive chart already (need to slow it down a bit now!) but so proud of her because I’ve seen her visibly seek positive attention as opposed to negative attention. Sitting around the dinner table having a chat and a giggle whilst gobbling up tomatoes (TOMATOES!!!) was amazing! No yelling, no bribing, no caving in. I’m sure the words “you’re not listening” have hypnotic power hahaha! Thank you so so much! Onwards and upwards! Best wishes

– Maha

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