Instruction was to be heard and obeyed

I’m the lucky mom of three toddlers – my daughter, Sara, is three- and-a-half years old; while my twin boys, George and Steven, turned two years in June. Life’s been unexpected, hectic, crazy, frustrating and the most happiness I have ever known to experience. With the boys turning two, everyday life however, started spinning out of control. In general all three kids are pretty well-behaved (considering …), but dealing with the dynamics of three kids under four years was exhausting. My husband and I tried every trick we heard of, but nothing seemed to work. Some (most) days I fell asleep crying, because I had simply screamed at them all day long. At some stage I kind of gave up, and left my husband to deal with them. The biggest concern was that the boys have ‘discovered’ tantrums, and that my big girl, halfway to four years, regressed and modelled her own behaviour accordingly! Furthermore, George, was such a ‘tough little guy’ that he wouldn’t budge … never giving in, not wanting to say he’s sorry, and finally resorting to biting his brother! As he didn’t even flinch under my discipline, I was left to wait for my husband to come home and dole out the discipline. I had heard of Andalene and her seminars at our church (DFC), but I think a part of me didn’t think it possible that one person could change such a ‘out of control’ situation in one evening! How wrong I was … Andalene came for a home visit on the 17th of August, and our lives have not been the same since. After about a 30-minute assessment of our situation, she calmly explained how she was going to teach us and the kids that one instruction was to be heard and obeyed. Both my husband and I were sceptical, but had nothing to lose by trying. She left our house that evening after spending three-and-a-half hours with us. During that time, at least Sara and Steven quickly learned to react immediately to the instruction given – George, well, I always said he was the challenge! – he took a bit longer, but did grasp it.

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