It was a complete life changer

We thoroughly enjoyed Andalene’s visit last week and my husband said it best “In our family, time will now be measured by life before Super Granny and life after Super Granny.” It was a complete life changer. Our three year old daughter now sleeps in her room all night, we have the tools we need to set boundaries as parents and everyone truly is just happier all around. These changes have happened so quickly and have really been so painless that it kind of felt magical in a lot of ways.

Thank you so much, and I am sure we will be in touch again as we hit future unforeseen challenges. Perhaps then we won’t wait so long to call. In the meantime, Super Granny is really all we can talk about to friends (and complete strangers:) right now, so we will continue to spread the word.

Best regards,

Annelie Fouche

Wife to one loving fishing fanatic, mom to three beautiful, bubbly, bustling boys. My act includes freelancing as a copywriter and administrator, remembering where I left my phone and learning to cope with a family of 6 (this includes a delinquent Jack Russel) in a cozy home that was built for 3...

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