Life is just so, so much better now

How Super Granny (Andalene) changed our lives!!! Well before Andalene came to our house for a home visit, it was hectic in our house. I have two children; my boy Liam is 1 ½ and my daughter Ankia 3 ½. Both very strong-willed children. My daughter has a mind of her own, eats, sleeps, baths on her time, not ours. She threw such bad tantrums that emotionally stressed me out, and come bedtime no one sleeps where they should … The 17th of January 2012, Andalene came to our house, we did not know what to expect … She came in and sat down, then it was time for dinner, and Anna refused to eat her rice … so it started … time-out time! And before we knew it she actually sat down and ate all her food!! Sleeping time came, and by just the next night we were well on track … My husband and myself did not know what to do when both children were in bed before 20:00, we are not used to it, it is a dream. The children are now much more relaxed in the night, no more fighting to do anything I tell them to do. Life is just so, so much better now that we are the parents again in the house and they are the children, and that they respect older people (especially their grandparents). Thank you Andalene, you changed our lives, you mean the world to us, and I will recommend you to all my friends with children.

– Lynda

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