Not only surprised and satisfied…

“Words are not enough to thank Andalene! Such a beautiful gift she owns, wonderful job!!! She became very special for us! Super Granny came last weekend! I knew it that we’d be surprised and satisfied….but not only that, we’re so pleased, equipped, extremely thankful and happy! The results were amazing, and started in the same day of the visit!

As first time parents, we’ve been struggling with his behavior at home, also his nursery’s teacher was facing a challenge to make him listening. He wasn’t listening instruction; he was eating only if he had an iPad in front of him; he was sleeping only if I was seating beside his bed. During her visit we spent more than 01 hour just teaching him how to listen in a time out! Worth it! He learnt! This was the base to help in the eating problems, also sleeping problem!

She helped us to include the routine of eating the main meals together, being important as a family time and easily made my son forget the ipad, eating alone proudly! He didn’t ask the gadget even once after her visit!

We could see the same effect during his bedtime! It was so exhausting being there, beside his cot a plenty of time just cuddling him until he fall asleep… Three days later, he is sleeping in his bed (not cot anymore) without tears when we leave him alone.

I was glad to have his teacher’s feedback just in the next day after Andalene’s visit confirming his improvement: “He’s much better, listening at first time most part of the time!”

Of course we have a lot to do as parents, keeping what we’ve learnt and being consistent all the time! No exceptions or excuses. But this was an amazing and blessed beginning! Looking forward to the next visit in 4-6 months!”

Priscilla Pereira

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