“Our home is the most peaceful it has been EVER!”

“Our home is the most peaceful it has been EVER! Obviously we have to continue to be consistent and put in the hard work to ensure it lasts but so far it has changed our lives. Our boys are SO happy. I did a time-out with our 3-year old when Andalene left and when he sat down to eat and I told him he was listening too nicely, he beamed at me and said “mommy I am so happy!” I have NEVER heard that out of my little boy’s mouth before. All I have to say now is “you aren’t listening” and he quickly says “sorry mom!” and does what he was told or asked to do. He went to bed in his own bed last night and was asleep by 8pm. He got out of bed once before that but again I just said “you aren’t listening, go back to your bed” and he did just that! Usually he is up 20 times and gets to sleep some time after 10pm!..

– Leigh Hirsch

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