Our lives were just way out of control

Our lives were just way out of control. I’ve been crying out silently to the Almighty for some peace and stability. And I’m finally starting to feel it. I had no idea what to expect from your visit. All I know is that I was extremely desperate and the testimonials sounded so convincing. I wondered whether you could turn my monster into a munchkin … amazing how God unfolds HIS plans … Everyone wanted to give their (sometimes unwelcome) opinion, ‘Oh, he’ll grow out of it,’ ‘Don’t worry, when the baby comes, he’ll grow up,’ ‘Maybe you’re shouting too much,’ ‘Maybe he needs a GOOD hiding,’ ‘Ag, that’s boys,’ ‘Don’t worry, you’re not the only one,’ ‘Let him spend one weekend with me, I’ll bring him right.’ But nobody knew the extent to which it was affecting me … physically and emotionally … and my ability to live a ‘normal’ life. I knew there was so much to be rectified. However, since your visit on the 1st Feb … everyone is much calmer and happier. It has brought us closer as a family. It is such a great feeling to be one step ahead instead of feeling ‘out of control’. Hubby and I actually have the time to focus on our marriage now. I am thoroughly enjoying my young boy’s company. I always knew he had such a great spirited personality but I was too busy shouting at him to appreciate it. I feel as if I am only NOW beginning to get to know him, I mean REALLY know him. Nobody said parenting would be easy. But I don’t feel as over-whelmed as before and I tackle each problem as it arises. I’m much more aware and conscientious as I go about my job of parenting. It’s hard work, but hubby and I saw instant results so we are motivated to maintain those results. May the Almighty reward & bless you abundantly. Hugs

– Freda

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