Our world was put right!

“Big On Children’s Super Granny (Andalene Salvasen) is the Founder/Owner of Munchkins and the person who comes to your home to help you learn how to manage your family situation better.   She can respond to a specific crisis or just assist in fine tuning family dynamics so that everyone is happy, balanced and in control.

She deals with children from 0 up to their mid teens and has decades of on-the-job experience.   Her advice is practical and hugely impactful.   She is very good at assessing the root causes of behavioural issues and working on remedies so that you, as the parent, can generate immediate and sustainable results.

I was nervous about using Andalene for our most recent parenting crisis, as we were still unclear at that stage whether our six-year old had an anxiety or medical issue, and we were very upfront with her about our reservations in this regard.

As it turned out, there had been a lot of recent changes in his world from his perspective and he just needed really clear boundaries to help him feel safe and secure.   Our world was immediately put right with Andalene’s coaching and guidance. We will undoubtedly use her as a regular resource to keep the family on the straight and narrow.

With our deepest gratitude,”

Heather, Dubai UAE

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