SA’s very own Supergranny

For two years I have been battling to get my daughter, Cathy, to sleep through the night. Some nights I’ll be up with her anywhere up to 21 times! My husband has taken to sleeping in our guest room just so that he can function at work during the day and I am a complete wreck! Enter SA’s very own Supergranny!!! Andalene, I cannot believe how you have changed our (especially my) lives around in just three days!!! My two year-old terror was running the household and everyone was doing just as she wanted in order to keep the peace! She was dictating how the rest of the family lived. The very next night I had my first full night’s sleep in years! Cathy went to bed at 19:30 and woke only at 05:00 the following morning… after just following a few simple steps.

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