Sleep training – how lucky can you get?

I was very discouraged and felt heart broken for my 8 month old baby who wasn’t sleeping and was constantly crying.

When you walked in this afternoon and used your technique on Mika, she slept from 13h40-16h30. I thought to myself, this is probably just luck and when you leave I will be left with a crying baby once again, on my own.

When she woke from her sleep, she was well rested and happy. She was not at all miserable, whiny or grumpy. From then on I followed the techniques, schedules and advice that you had given me. Since then things have really been looking up. By 18h50, I put Mika down to sleep and followed the technique you taught me. It wasn’t even a full 30 minutes later and she was fast asleep.

You have given my husband and I new hope and something to look forward to again … a life. Thank you Professor Fourie for referring us to Andalene!! You are both life savers!

– Mischa Visser

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