TEMPER TEMPER – Article in Jet Club Magazine featuring Celeste Rushby

‘Tantrums come in various forms, depending on the child’s age, their temperament and the consistency in boundaries within your home,’ explains parenting coach and occupational therapist Celeste Rushby of munchkins.me, a collective of coaches who empower parents to help transform family dynamics for the better. She says that, despite all prospective parents dreading the ‘terrible twos’, tantrums actually begin at between 10 and 18 months.

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Celeste Rushby

Celeste Rushby has been with the Munchkins team since 2010 and heads up our amazing coaching team. Her experience as an occupational therapist and mother of three (a singleton and twins, who were all born prematurely, at 30 and 32 weeks respectively) has played a key role in her many successes as a parenting coach and trusted mentor to parents. Her repertoire also includes specialised training in neurodevelopmental supportive care of high-risk infants (with the primary focus on premature babies).