We have our freedom back

Dear Andalene, We want to thank you, wholeheartedly, for helping Noah and Lia to learn about discipline and listening. Thank you for giving our freedom and confidence back, for making spending time with our children enjoyable! It is incredible how your single session has transformed both our children.

They have been behaving like angles since you left our house yesterday. In fact, we went for a coffee at the country club later in the afternoon, amazed, I saw the looks of other parents, “look at those well-mannered kids”! Ha!

Noah (especially Noah) and Lia have understood, that they need to obey us; not that we exist to obey them. This is incredible!

So, THANK YOU. You changed our life.

Please be in touch. We are more than happy to book another session, like you mentioned, in a few months to re-enforce our efforts. Meanwhile, I am enjoying your book greatly!

With kindest regards,

Olivier & Xiaoxi Mettraux

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