This has made such a huge difference in our lives

I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to Celeste and provide some feedback on our consult. We met with Celeste a few weeks back for a 3-hour home visit, to chat to her about the struggles we were experiencing around sleep with our 13-month old. We got SO much more advice than we were expecting, and have been so surprised at the amazing results.


  • We used to battle for an hour every evening to get our daughter to sleep, and she would wake up consistently at 3am every night
  • Within 3 days we were able to put our daughter down and walk out the room without a tear. No struggle at all
  • Within 4 days she was sleeping through the night
This had made SUCH a huge difference in our lives, our daughter has just learned the sign for ‘sleep’ and now even tells us when she is ready to go down (with her new nap times she can’t even last until the usual 7pm). What an amazing change, thank you so much!


  • We hadn’t even thought to take away the dummy from her and reserve this for sleep time, but it has worked SO well
  • Our daughter almost gets excited to have her naps & for bedtime, just so she can have her dummy!
  • Then she now even pops this into her ‘dummy box’ alongside the crib without us asking – no fuss, no complaints
Again I cannot believe how well this suggestion worked – the transition has been such a breeze.


  • We have implemented the new routine suggested by Celeste, and this has also been absolutely great
  • I think we were really putting our daughter down too late previously, so having our nanny there to also hear things directly from Celeste, really helped enforce that she adheres to the nap times
  • Putting her down earlier has made a wonderful difference, and we implemented all the other suggestions too (restricting bottles to 3 times daily, having her sit down for meal times, etc.)
Again, very happy with all the changes suggested. They have all been wonderful.


  • The sign language has worked phenomenally
  • Within 3 days our daughter had already started signing “all done” at the end of meal times
  • It has now been 2 weeks, and she can do 4 signs  (all done, more, bottle and sleep)
  • We are so excited to start incorporating more signs, because we cannot believe how quickly she is catching on. It is also so wonderful to have us communicating with us, without having to always cry / moan when we don’t understand her.
Again I cannot believe how well this suggestion worked – we are so impressed!


  • This is the only area we haven’t managed to quite master yet
  • While we are confident with the time-outs when it comes to obvious disobedient behaviour (touching something when we have asked her not to, etc.), we are struggling with time-outs when there are tantrums for no obvious reason
  • So we thought maybe next month we might book another 1-hour consult with Celeste so we can simply focus on discipline
I just wanted to give our feedback, and say a HUGE thank you to Celeste. Our private joke at home is that Celeste secretly voodoo’d our child – as that’s how much we can’t believe the positive change. We are so, so pleased. – An Elated Mother | Cape Town, South Africa

Annelie Fouche

Wife to one loving fishing fanatic, mom to three beautiful, bubbly, bustling boys. My act includes freelancing as a copywriter and administrator, remembering where I left my phone and learning to cope with a family of 6 (this includes a delinquent Jack Russel) in a cozy home that was built for 3...

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