Transforming our lives

I just wanted to say thank you for transforming our lives! I was really at the end of my tether with Ethan’s bad sleep and Jess’ bad attitude but since you came we are in a much better space. Ethan has gone from being in our bed and attached to me all night to pretty much sleeping through. Yesterday he slept from 6.30 till 5.45 without a peep! Today he woke at 4.30 and refused to go back to sleep but at least I got sleep till then. I’m sure he will settle into a routine soon, after you came he had an ear infection for 3 weeks so it has taken time to get the mornings right. I have also just given up breastfeeding (finally!) so we’ve had a lot of change. Jess has been amazing, she is now daddy’s little girl! From not allowing him to do anything, she now asks for him to put her to bed and do stuff for her :) Their relationship has changed completely and they now have a true bond which I thought would never be possible. We still get some bad attitude occasionally but we rarely need to put her in timeout anymore. Your guidance gave us the confidence to be parents who our children respect and love and this will stay with us forever Thank you again!

– Angela, Wayne, Jessica and Ethan

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