Valuable experience

We met Andalene some two years ago when we booked a home visit – we needed help with disciplining our (then) four-year-old. It was a valuable experience to have Andalene in our house and to actually see how she makes it happen – giving control (back) to the parents who somewhere down the line lost it (or who never had it). We also purchased her book ‘Raising Happy Healthy Children’. I would strongly recommend that parents (and grandparents!) buy this book!! Andalene’s methods work! But as a parent you need to be consistent and that is where we sometimes fail. Being able to revert back to her book is wonderful – almost like having her in our house again. It is easy to understand with lots of practical examples. I have read it more than once – especially Part 3: 2-4 Years. The book lies next to my bed – ready when I need it! It is two years later and my six-year- old will still pick up the book, look at Andalene’s picture and say to me: ‘That’s the lady that makes me be good.’ Thank you Andalene for helping so many parents! The next step will be to follow some of Sally Ann’s recipes. I guess we could all do with some healthy eating habits!

– Jodi

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