We are seeing the benefits each day!

“Andalene was my last port of call when I needed help with my 10 year old, who after some problems at school had become angry and aggressive at home.

I so wish I had known about Andalene earlier, the three hours she spent with us were invaluable not only for my 10 year old but our other two children too, me and my husband felt like a weight had been lifted immediately. We regained calm in our home after just one visit. Andalene has also given me continued support via email and lots more information over the phone when she called to follow up after her visit.

While it has been quite hard work removing all of the bad habits we had slipped into and implementing new house rules, we are seeing the benefits each day now. All of our children seem calmer, happier. Long may it last! Thank you Andalene!”

– Elaine

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