We have a beautiful healthy relationship now

Having an extremely tiring job all I wanted on my days off was a peaceful and quiet day at home and I never got that with the constant whining and nagging and indiscipline. A single day at home was more tiring than an entire week at work. I knew I loved my four-year- old girl but I just could not enjoy our little time together. I was always angry with her not listening, and also felt like a bad mom for losing my temper and hitting her all the time for silly things. Well, you came like an answer to my prayer for a better relationship. Ever since you have visited us, which was a month ago, I have not raised my hand on my girl, or my voice. We have a beautiful healthy relationship now and we look forward to spending time every day. We have our own play dates and every moment is bliss. Friends and family members have seen how well-mannered she is now and are amazed. Thank you so much for transforming me into a munchkin. We love you

– Chris

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