You have to be in control, calm and firm

My daughter, Milah (5) and I had literally been fighting, verbally and physically, up to the day Andalene came to help me. My discipline had been in anger, to no effect, leaving Milah feeling rejected and unloved because she felt that ‘I didn’t like her’. Children need to show respect and accept authority, then discipline becomes easier. Let’s face it, you get a wide range of children. I like to compare them to Labradors and pit-bulls! Labradors accept leaders and authority with ease. Pit-bulls don’t. If you have a Labrador child, with loving guidance you can calmly get them to do what you want with minimal resistance. With pit-bull children it’s an endless struggle to establish authority. Now imagine a Labrador parent with a pit-bull child, and you have my daughter and me! When we feel powerless and out of control because we have no respect from the child or authority over the child, it just isn’t possible to discipline the child effectively. You cannot bring to submission a raging pit-bull with anger and aggression. You have to be in control, calm and firm. Andalene literally trained me to do this and I now feel in control of my child! She came into my home and enabled me to establish authority with the time-out method. No anger or shouting, just calm and firm authority. We literally broke in my child like a horse. It took two-and-a-half hours of raging and screaming in the bathroom at five-minute intervals. When Milah finally walked out she did as she was told with the correct attitude. Since this ‘event’ she has been in time-out again, but never for more than four repetitions, and she accepts that I am in charge. The change in her attitude is phenomenal! A wonderful mountain off my shoulders! The teachers have also reported that there is no more aggression at school. Thank you, Andalene!

– Nadine

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